About myself

i Am RAhmAn md. Ashikur from dhAkA,bAnglAdesh.my home town is pAbnA.i hAve completed my SSC from pAbnA zillA school in 2005 & completed HSC from shAhid govt. Bulbul college pAbnA in 2007.now i’m studying At AmericAn internAtionAl university BAnglAdesh(AIUB){www.Aiub.edu} in EEE depArtment.if you like my blog then plz inspire me by writting comments.you cAn Also contAct with me.my cell no:




you cAn Also send me mAil:




7 Responses to About myself

  1. Ashik says:

    lemon fAther nAme is Abdul bAten

  2. Raihan says:

    Hi this is tanvir rahman raihan

  3. Raihan says:

    Apnara ei lemon ke jodi cine thaken tahole valo. Ar na cinle ami boli. Se ekjon oti shibir kadar. majhe majhe se nana rokom rup nai. Trust me..!!

  4. Raihan says:

    Aj quantum pabnar ayojone eftar parti hote jacse

  5. Raihan says:

    Hallow ami mejor faruk bolsi rajshahi theke

  6. Ishkebari says:

    Its not joke its rearl 1st friend: dost ajke tomar iftarir daoyat 2nd friend: ami oboshoy asci 1st f: kintu iftarir jonno contribute korte hobe
    2nd f: tahole ami asci na

  7. Sustho deho
    prosanto mon

    kormobasto sukhi jibon

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