Experiencing faster internet browsing

Hello Guys, Now you can see what’s hidden
This is a short tutorial on how to increase your internet by 375% Faster or higher.

So That You Can:

* Increase your browsing experience
* Play online games LAG free
* Load videos almost instantly
* Turn your slow internet connection into Broadband DSL or even T1
* Download anything faster with our “intelligent packet configurator”
* Increase Speeds Up To 375% Faster!

PLEASE NOTE: Only works for Mozilla Firefox

1) Open Mozilla Firefox.

2) In address bar type: “about:config”

3)Look for were it says “network.http.pipelin ing” to TRUE
(Double Click it until it says TRUE)

4)Look for “network.http.proxy.pipel ining” to TRUE
(Same way as stated above)

5) Now. Right-Click Anywhere then click “Create New” Then “Integer”. Name it “nglayout.initialpaint.de lay”
Then Click Ok, then put the number “0” (Zero) in the next box

6) Click OK,

7) Restart Firefox.


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