Comparison between public and private university

we can compare between public and private universities by considering the enjoyment facilities,educational environment, and expense.Public universities have more enjoyment facilities than private universities.They have the large campus so they can organize any function easily.Canteen facility one of reason for enjoyment.Students can share their feelings and discuss bout their study topics here easily.It have big field for playing.But public universities have less educational environment than than private universities.Laboratory facilities are not god at public universities,they have less book in the libraries.Most of the cases public universities have no credit transfer facilities at foreign countries.Political clash often delays educational year .One important feature at public universities that is it is not so much expensive.Public universities have less tution fees than private universities.Often students get scholarship from govt .Moreover it has hostel facility.On the other hand private universities have small campus ,so they can not arrange any program easily.Canteen facility also very limited at private universities.Most of the private universities have no playground .they have only indoor game facility .but educational facilities get most priority at private universities.Private universities have more books in the library.Laboratory facilities are very good at private universities.They have state of the art class room,internet facility and projector.One unique feature in private universities is credit transfer facility at foreign universities.There is no session jam or political clash at private universities.But private universities are expensive.Their tution fees are very high perspective to our living condition.Student does not get any scholarship from government .Most of the private universities have no residential facility.Both kind of universities have some good and bad qualities .But they play an important role to build up a educated nation and their main motto is “to provide quality education.”


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  1. tarif says:

    i like it very much.u wrote true things.thnx

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