Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited
was founded as the national flag
With legacy networks and increasing
In line with its restructuring plans,
carrier in 1972, immediately following
local market competition, Biman
Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited
the country’s independence, and
needed to restructure and transform
engaged SITA Professional Services to
remained wholly government-owned
itself into an effective, modern,
help ensure its IT and Communications
until July 2007, when it was
competitive airline.
strategy would stay closely aligned to
transformed into Bangladesh’s largest
its business strategy, supporting both
“The immediate short term goal of this
public limited company.
the new corporate entity and Biman’s
restructuring process is to allow Biman
future business vision.
Since then, Biman Bangladesh Airlines
to address the identified critical
Limited has focused its efforts on
business issues of scheduling
The specific consulting activities
reducing costs and modernizing its
performance and fleet capacity,” says
offered – using a hybrid model of SITA
fleet, with the goal of re-establishing70-80%, reducing our reliance on


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